November 18, 2021 | 9-10:30 am ET/15:00 CET/18:30 IST

Better Business Through Integrated Landscape Management: An Executive Roundtable (virtual event)

A 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Executive Roundtable

Date: November 18, 2021

Time: 9:00 ET/15:00 CET/18:30 IST

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Meeting business goals through landscape partnerships

Environmental degradation, climate change and social needs of communities are spurring agribusiness companies to find ways to future-proof their supply chains. They are finding that site-level and supply chain approaches to these challenges cannot, alone, mitigate all of the associated business risks or generate desired social and environmental benefits. Business strategy requires considering and influencing actions of other stakeholders in the landscape.

Landscape partnerships can address these critical gaps in sustainability planning and supply chain management. Through such partnerships, stakeholders in a landscape work to reconcile competing social, economic and environmental objectives. Landscape partnerships are typically championed by those with a direct and long-term stake and responsibilities for resource stewardship in a landscape, such as farming communities, local businesses and governments.

A growing number of international companies are participating in these collaboratives, seeing that their long-term business success is tied to healthy communities and ecosystems. These businesses anticipate benefits not only for risk reduction but also cost savings, resource mobilization, market differentiation, joint policy advocacy, and improving social and environmental stability.

A survey in 2013-2015 of 420 large-scale landscape partnerships worldwide found that about 25% included business members. Since then, business interest has proliferated, facilitated by groups such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Global Agribusiness Alliance, Tropical Forest Alliance, numerous NGOs collaborating with businesses and inter-governmental processes.

Helping businesses to engage effectively with landscape partnerships

Experience shows that businesses must look beyond their fence lines to take advantage of landscape-level efficiencies and opportunities. They need to invest in analyzing business benefits and trade-offs of working at a landscape scale in specific sourcing regions. Company staff should learn how to engage with landscape partnerships. They may need to engage more directly with smallholder farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises in their supply chains. Businesses just beginning this work can benefit significantly from early leaders in this space willing to share what they have learned.

The 1000 Landscapes for One Billion People initiative (1000L) is a radical collaboration of dozens of organizations worldwide committed to strengthening landscape partnerships through information technology, capacity development, finance mobilization and a global network ( 1000L recognizes the importance of collaborating with businesses to achieve sustainable landscapes.

This executive roundtable, organized by 1000L collaborators EcoAgriculture Partners, Rainforest Alliance, and the Laudes Foundation, offers an introduction to the practice of integrated landscape management (ILM) for business leaders. ILM experts and business peers will take stock of the current situation and build on it through knowledge sharing and discussion. We hope that this critical work will continue to grow within the 1000L network after the roundtable concludes.

Roundtable objectives

Through the event, we hope that business leaders will:

  1. Better understand the value of landscape partnerships for businesses, farmers, local authorities and communities.
  2. Share experiences and lessons learned with other companies from diverse geographic, commodity and supply chain contexts that are collaborating in landscape partnerships.
  3. Lay a foundation for possible future collaboration in the 1000L network.


Roundtable participants will include around 20 executives from firms working with 1000L partners, including:

  • Sustainability and procurement leaders from international and national companies who are already engaging with landscape partnerships or planning to do so.
  • Landscape developers who have been supporting ILM processes in sourcing regions.


You can learn more about the Executive Roundtable at the EcoAgriculture Partners website and register for the event here.

For questions, contact Seth Shames at or Edward Millard at

Provisional Agenda

The 90-minute roundtable will take place on November 18 beginning at 9:00 ET/15:00 CET/18:30 IST. It will be conducted in English.

Pre-Meeting: Background Materials

Before the roundtable, participants will be provided optional background materials, including:

  • Overview of 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People
  • Landscape sourcing report from Landscape Finance Lab
  • Business for Sustainable Landscapes report from Landscapes for People, Food and Nature
  • UNDP Green Commodities report on four-dimensional systemic change
  • Global Agribusiness Alliance case summaries of business-led landscape partnerships
  • Other resources, including participant bios, will be included on a dedicated webpage on the 1000L website

8:30 am—Meet and greet, check connections

Zoom will be open for informal exchanges and to make sure technology is working well.

9:00 am—Welcome, overview and participant introductions

Facilitator: Edward Millard, Rainforest Alliance

Invite participants to add personal info to the chat, and other background

9:05 am—Business collaboration in landscape partnerships: Global trends

Presenter: Sara J. Scherr, EcoAgriculture Partners

Position this event within the context of the history and related initiatives in business sustainability and integrated landscape management

9:10 am—Group Discussion

Facilitator: Seth Shames, EcoAgriculture Partners

Clarify terms and enrich the overview from participant experience and perspectives

9:25 am—Company experience with Landscape Partnerships

Moderator: Edward Millard, Rainforest Alliance

Three company representatives will discuss their experience in landscape sourcing and working with landscape partnerships in different sectors and geographies:

  • How integrated landscape management differed from what they did before
  • The benefits of these approaches
  • Lessons learned from the process

Contributors (invited):

  • Olam and cocoa in West Africa
  • PepsiCo and palm oil in the Aceh Tamiang Compact, Indonesia
  • The Neutral Company and cotton in Central India

9:55 am—Group discussion of company experiences

Facilitator: Seth Shames, EcoAgriculture Partners

Comments and contributions from other participants, with a focus on issues identified and solutions

10:15 am—Group discussion of how 1000 Landscapes can support companies for effective landscape partnerships

Facilitator: Sara J. Scherr, EcoAgriculture Partners

Discuss how 1000 Landscapes tools and services could effectively support companies in landscape partnerships through its IT platform for landscape action, capacity development, landscape finance solutions, global action network, or other actions

10:25 am—Wrap up/next steps

Moderator: Seth Shames, EcoAgriculture Partners

10:30 am—Close roundtable

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