Luisa Trujillo has promoted agroforestry systems, where she witnessed their potential and the considerable challenges to their adoption at a significant scale. She has first-hand experience implementing and researching agroforestry systems to reduce the vulnerability of natural and human systems, including the contribution of cocoa and coffee plantations to species habitat protection and biodiversity conservation as well as the design and implementation of agroforestry systems that respect local-knowledge. Luisa has tested different ways to overcome the varied challenges that prevent agroforestry systems from advancing. She has strong experience on the social aspects of multi-stakeholder projects, including design and coordination of inter-institutional alliances and various forms of capacity building.

She has worked as program and project manager for the Tropical Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), The Humane Society International (HIS), and Nestle Research Center, across several countries including Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

Her present role is as a Consultant for the Latin American Studies Program (LASP) from Cornell University in Ecuador. LASPĀ in Ecuador looks for potential partner organizations to establish working alliances, especially in the Amazon of Ecuador. LASP seeks to work with government entities, universities, NGOs, and communities to develop academic exchanges for Ecuadorians and Cornell students with the possibility of incorporating studies in the country, internship programs, and internships and research in Ecuadorian entities

Luisa holds a Master Degree in Forest Management and Biodiversity conservation from CATIE – Costa Rica and a BS degree in Biology with minors in Botany and Education from the Central University of Ecuador. She comes to EcoAgriculture Partners as part of her Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship through the Cornell University Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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