EcoAgriculture Partners works to reimagine humanity’s relationship with nature through collaborative convening, engagement, and training. We believe that nurturing cooperation between people and focusing on the interconnectedness of communities, land, and biodiversity at the landscape level is the best way to help people, wildlife, economies, and ecosystems thrive.

Our work is focused on landscape research, policy advocacy, and network building, with over two decades of experience convening, advising, and training local leaders in over 50 landscapes in 20 countries. Together, we’ve built collective momentum for meaningful change for landscapes and their communities worldwide.

Our multi-faceted approach is designed to generate impact at the landscape, national, regional, and international level. Each of these scales reinforces the others as we champion integrated landscape management (ILM) around the world.

Innovating Landscape

Pioneering creative financial mechanisms that enable integrated, landscape-scale transformation.

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Revolutionizing Policy

We work to develop recommendations that local, national, and sub-national governments can adopt that can help them build lasting solutions to social, economic, and ecological challenges in their respective regions. Our recommendations support and encourage collaboration of various sectors and organizations come together to design and implement large-scale change.

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Furthering ILM
Between People

To solve the world’s toughest issues, we must embrace the interconnectedness of our planet and work with it, not against it. Integrated landscape management (ILM) is a way of managing the landscape to achieve sustainability and resiliency that involves collaboration among multiple stakeholders. We work to champion ILM as the solution to these challenges by providing leaders with the knowledge and capacity to carry out ILM in their landscapes.

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Accelerating Landscape

We are conveners, uniting people and organizations to multiply our individual efforts for the good of communities and nature. That’s why we cofounded the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, a radical collaboration of environmental, sustainable development, technology, and academic institutions working together to accelerate landscape efforts to sustain and restore ecosystems, build rural prosperity, and confront climate change.

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Past Initiatives

For more than two decades we have brought people together from across the globe and all sectors to convene over 10 powerful international initiatives.

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