We Are EcoAgriculture Partners

For over 20 years, EcoAgriculture Partners has convened thousands of leaders worldwide to address persistent land-use challenges. We have long understood the urgent need to sustainably manage our natural resources in a way that safeguards ecosystems, strengthens economies, and improves livelihoods.

We work to revolutionize the way communities, governments, and businesses interact with landscapes and with each other. Through collaborative action, we support the development of learning tools, design mechanisms to accelerate the delivery of meaningful and large-scale finance, produce publications, and influence policies that help bring communities, institutions, and governments together to implement integrated landscape management (ILM).

Our two decades of experience have shown us how landscape approaches can build a better world; one in which it is possible for nature and people to thrive together.

Our Mission
Enable local leaders to build long-term, collaborative landscape partnerships that help them access finance and influence policy to advance integrated landscape management.
Our Values
We believe that collaborative, community-led decision making is the foundation of sustainable landscape management. We do not prioritize the goals of any one sector, rather, we build and facilitate shared leadership and equitable representation for all stakeholders in the landscape, so that land use decisions are fair, legitimate, just and sustainable.
Our Vision
A world of resilient landscapes that support healthy people and nature.
Our Strategy
Collaborative research that leads to actionable resources and effective implementation of holistic land-use policies and practices.

Empowering people to better their lives is at the heart of our mission. We want to empower people to work together to improve their livelihoods, communities, and environment.

Sara J. Scherr
President and CEO

Accelerating Landscape

We are conveners, uniting people and organizations to multiply our individual efforts for the good of communities and nature. That’s why we cofounded the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, a radical collaboration of environmental, sustainable development, technology, and academic institutions working together to accelerate landscape efforts to sustain and restore ecosystems, build rural prosperity, and confront climate change.

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Meet Our Team

The EcoAg team includes experts with more than 30 years of experience in their respective fields. We provide well-researched and actionable resources, including publications, webinars, practical guides, and training materials to support local leaders, government officials, financiers, and civil society in building effective landscape initiatives.

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We support landscape leaders with tools, training, and connections to manage land and resources holistically so people and nature thrive. Read more about how we define a landscape.