Changing Global Finance Systems

With the right financial resources, rural development, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation initiatives can make a long-term and large-scale impact. Due to narrow and sector-specific financing models, securing funding is difficult for multi-sector projects, working simultaneously to improve water quality, increase green space, and diversify rural incomes. Reimagining financial flows to provide funding for holistic, multi-sectoral initiatives is essential for solving the world's toughest challenges.

At EcoAg, we work to research and develop finance mechanisms and reimagine financial flows that help multisector projects secure the funding they need to expand and accelerate their work. We have seen firsthand what a difference this can make.


Building Finance Tools

We work with communities on the ground to test and improve finance mechanisms, to help landscapes secure the funding they desperately need.

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Supporting Landscapes Access to Finance

Sustainable and climate-smart agricultural innovation is happening worldwide, but investors often overlook small-scale producers and communities when providing funding. Financial inclusivity is critical for small-scale producers’ success in achieving more sustainable landscapes.

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Our focus is helping landscape partnerships across the world secure funding they need to realize their visions their landscape transformation goals.

Seth Shames
Managing Director