Practicing a landscape approach is complex.
Good tools help you sort out the complexity.

Photo by Georgina Smith (CIAT)

EcoAgriculture Partners tools are designed to address pressing needs for implementing the whole landscape approach. We are committed to developing tools in collaboration with the tool’s intended users, yet building resources that can be used by many others. Our tools are available to download or use online (where applicable) free of charge. Not all tools are available in print. Please inquire via email to

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Landscape Finance: Investing in Innovation for Sustainable Landscapes

  • Seth Shames

Bridge the gap between finance and landscape! Learn to navigate the web of landscape financial flows, mechanisms and requirements toward developing cutting-edge business cases and models for...

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A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management

  • Louise Buck
  • Raffaela Kozar
  • John Recha
  • Ayal Desalegn
  • Christopher Planicka
  • Abigail Hart

This manual will aid trainers of sustainable land management (SLM) professionals to organize and conduct effective courses on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from an integrated landscape management...

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Ground-Based Photo-Monitoring of Landscape Changes Arising from Sustainable Land Management Practices

  • James Lassoie
  • Louise Buck
  • Lindsay Myron, Consultant

Aimed at sustainable land management researchers and practitioners, the method presented here uses photographs to track land-use changes in order to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of...

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