Who We Are

EcoAgriculture Partners is the leading non-profit champion of integrated landscape management, helping communities and organizations grow healthy and resilient places from the grassroots up.

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Our Vision

EcoAgriculture Partners strives for a world where agricultural communities manage their landscapes to simultaneously enhance rural livelihoods, conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services, and sustainably produce crops, livestock, fish, and fiber.

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Our Mission

To support diverse individuals and organizations at the local, national and international levels to promote sustainable landscapes worldwide. Read our Strategic Plan

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Our Values

EcoAgriculture Partners emphasizes respect for cultural diversity and self-determination. We work with a wide range of partners and collaborators – from farmers and community organizations to international businesses, policy makers, and donors – providing direct support, education, training, research, and policy analysis to help these groups participate in and benefit from effective landscape management.

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Our Difference

We believe that collaborative, participatory, community-led decision making is the foundation of sustainable landscape management. We do not prioritize the goals of any one sector or actor. Rather, we build and facilitate shared leadership and equitable representation for all stakeholders in the landscape, so that land use decisions are fair, legitimate, just and sustainable. Why do we talk about “landscapes”?

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