Where We Work

Over our history we’ve worked in dozens of places, but today we focus our work in a few key areas, building strong relationships to maximize our impact.

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When you give to EcoAgriculture Partners, we match your gift with funds from governments, foundations, and other major donors, and put the money right to work in these critical areas of the world.

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East Africa

Since our founding in 2002, EcoAgriculture Partners has led efforts in the region to implement policy and land management actions that simultaneously address poverty, food security, and forest conversion.


Brazil is poised to resurrect critical ecosystem services with whole landscape approaches.

East & Southeast Asia

With 620 million people’s lives hinging on the health of their landscapes, there are high stakes for the region as it seeks environmental harmony.

United States

North America is facing an unsustainable agricultural future. Local conservation initiatives and strategic national policy changes can help shift course.


Tied to a land of ecological wonder and peril, Mesoamericans are directly impacted by the health of their environment.