Convening and coordinating the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative

A worldwide collaboration of more than 70 partner organizations advancing integrated landscape management

Convening and coordinating the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative

Our Partners

The World BankSolidaridad NetworkBioversity InternationalUN EnvironmentWorld Agroforestry CentreWorld Resources InstituteFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Government of The Netherlands

Our Supporters

The Global Environment FacilityDeutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale ZusammenarbeitThe Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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As EcoAgriculture Partners worked to advance integrated landscape management, we worked with more and more organizations across the rural development, food security, conservation, and sustainable agriculture sectors who were looking for ways to create, support, an develop multi-sector, multi-stakeholder landscape scale programs. We perceived the need for a global pre-competitive space for these organizations to share knowledge, lessons and good practices, co-develop tools, collaborate on research to advance the field and generate deeper shared understanding, and advocate with governments, multilateral agencies and donors about the importance of and the priorities for investing in integrated landscape approaches.

Our Role


We convened the co-organizers, organized the Nairobi Forum where the Initiative was formally launched, and helped secure initial three-year funding for the partnership from the Global Environment Facility, through UN Environment. We then convened regular partners meetings and regional dialogues to collaboratively develop the initiative’s strategy with the partners and to recruit new partners.


As the secretariat, we regularly updated the membership on strategic decisions, funding opportunities, and events, organized regional dialogues and working group meetings, led collaborative fundraising and advocacy activities, published reports and briefs on behalf of the partnership, and managed the website, social media, correspondence, and brand of the initiative.


We have been a consistent and compelling voice in the global arena highlighting the successes of integrated landscape management and advocating for increased study, funding, and collaboration to advance its practice around the world. We stayed at the forefront of the field so that we could continue to create new opportunities for LPFN partner organizations to put ILM into practice in their programs, and to collaborate with each other to improve that practice.

How We Do It

Research and Development

We organized and co-chaired working groups that focused on identifying and addressing needs within 5 domains: Finance, Policy, Business, Capacity-building, and Research. Each working group produced a major synthesis report of the knowledge in the field that also served to prioritize needed action.

For example, the “Landscape Strengthening (capacity-building) working group identified that global conservation and development professional development courses were still heavily siloed, teaching outdated models of land use management and governance. Our response: conceive and launch the Landscape Academy, to produce a new generation of digitally-empowered and widely and freely available professional development modules on integrated landscape management.


In addition to this study, design, build, launch model to address key gaps in the field, we also coordinated international advocacy efforts that showcased what we’d learned as a group about the value of ILM for achieving global goals, like the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2° target and adaptation goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. For example, we led the development of an ILM for the SDGs campaign that included a report, brief, video, website, infographics, launch event, media outreach and continuing policymaker engagement in 2015 and 2016.


EcoAgriculture Partners has raised over $5,000,000 for the work of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative and its partners to strengthen the practice of integrated landscape management around the world.

Our Impact

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