Convening and Coordinating the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative

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Convening and Coordinating the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People Initiative


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The sustainability of people and planet depends on a shared foundation of land and water resources. But currently, competing interests are stalling a coherent response to challenges of degradation, rising demand for natural resources and climate change. To be successful, we need to generate solutions together, moving towards the same goals, for food systems, climate action, water security, biodiversity conservation, rural livelihoods, energy, inclusive green economies and so much more.

Landscape Partnerships are a key solution. All across the world local leaders are forming multi-stakeholder Landscape Partnerships to take on pressing global challenges. Working together, they are far more likely to achieve their goals and shared vision for a sustainable future, reduce risks and increase returns on investments in landscapes.

While each landscape, seascape, watershed, territory or jurisdiction is unique, all Landscape Partnerships face common challenges. Collaborative action takes significant time and energy. Financial systems are not set up for coordinated landscape investments. Local efforts are often invisible or ignored in top-down policy and planning. To reach their fullest potential, Landscape Partnerships need support.

The 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People (1000L) initiative was created to provide the tools, finance and connections Landscape Partnerships need to thrive.

How We Do It

Our approach is unique and disruptive, harnessing a powerful open-source information technology platform and a global collaborative network of leading nonprofits, governments, UN, farmer, business and finance organizations. Together, 1000L’s five interconnected service offerings will empower local leaders to link diverse activities happening within a landscape or seascape:

-A Powerful Digital Platform: We are designing Terraso, a robust suite of mobile-first digital tools and data, to drive results for landscape partnerships.

-Global Action Network: A problem-solving network we are creating for landscape leaders, academics, practitioners, governments and civil society to share knowledge and building connections.

-Capacity Building: Our program to mainstream landscape systems thinking and skills.

-Finance Solutions: Our commitment and work to shift financial flows towards regenerative landscape investments.

-The 1000L Hub: Harmonizing our efforts across organizations and landscapes.

1000L five interconnected services

Our Impact

Our vision is that by 2030, more than 1000 Landscape Partnerships are benefiting 1 billion people and contributing powerfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Acting with a generational vision and commitment, Landscape Partnerships contribute four benefits: human well-being, healthy nature, regenerative economies, and inspiration for the next generation. The Partnerships nurture different areas within their landscapes to conserve natural habitats, achieve regenerative production and land use, and build more sustainable settlements, infrastructure and industry.

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