Tied to a land of ecological wonder and peril, Mesoamericans are directly impacted by the health of their environment.

Super Hot Biodiversity Hotspot

Mesoamerica has 10% of the world’s biodiversity packed into an area that constitutes only 0.05% of the world’s land mass.

Shrinking Forest

Mesoamerica’s native forest is a tenth of its original size. Forest area has been reduced by almost 40% over the past 4 decades. Between 2004 and 2005 alone soybean production caused over 1 million hectares of forest clearing.

Increasing climate threats

Climate change will bring on severe droughts and weather events. In 2014, parts of Honduras lost half of the harvest to droughts.

Resilient Agriculture

When Hurricane Mitch decimated vast swaths of Central America, farms using agroecological techniques experienced 60-99% less damage.

Our Efforts

Supporting landscapes, from the ground-up

EcoAgriculture Partners collaborates with community associations, research centers, and international organizations to help enable smallholder farmers to use more biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices. We are currently working with Solidaridad and WWF in northern Honduras in the design and implementation of a jurisdictional sustainability program, building on a multi-stakeholder platform with the palm oil sector. Our work on climate-smart landscapes and sustainable coffee production reached stakeholders in five Mesoamerican countries and served as an example for similar initiatives in East Africa. 

Raising standards for stewardship

We’ve been assessing the performance of sustainable production standards and certifications in Mesoamerica for nearly a decade. We visit micro, small, and medium enterprises with commitments to integrating conservation into agri-commodity production to evaluate the effectiveness of certification and standard systems in achieving improved farmer livelihoods and agricultural practices along with improved ecological health and biodiversity conservation. We use these findings to shape both how standards are implemented and how communities, governments and companies can go beyond standards to achieve landscape-scale impacts for people, food and nature.

Monitoring biodiversity conservation

Thanks to a talented staff of conservation researchers, EcoAgriculture Partners has repeatedly been tapped by international donors to evaluate the impacts of biodiversity conservation programs in Mesoamerica. Our monitoring & evaluation work is characterized by high value reporting to the donor program, but also by powerful synthetic analysis that improves the design and implementation of future programs in the region.

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