East & Southeast Asia

With 620 million people’s lives hinging on the health of their landscapes, the countries of South, Southeast, and Pacific Asia hold high stakes for environmental harmony.

Ancient Rainforest

Southeast Asia is home to the oldest tropical forest in the world with the highest level of species richness and endemism.

Clear Cutting

More than half of its original forest cover is gone. In Viet Nam, 43% of this loss took place in just the last 30 years.

Fishy Aquaculture

The export of clams and shrimp has degraded half of Thailand’s southern mangrove forests.

Climate changing palm oil

A quarter of oil palm production in Southeast Asia takes place on peat swamps. Clearing one hectare of peat releases 3 times as much CO2 as clearing cropland.

Declining Malnutrition

Estimates from 2011 suggest stunting prevalence reductions of more than 40% in Asia since 1990.

Our Efforts

Designing policy for environmental stewardship

EcoAgriculture Partners is investigating sustainable agricultural production practices, government policies, and eco-certifications and standards, to chart a plan for enabling environmental sustainability projects to flourish in the region. By working alongside community-based organizations, policy makers, and international actors, we help develop, evaluate, and implement tools to measure biodiversity, train local farmers in better management practices, and create policy incentives for restoring degraded landscapes.

Taking steps to a greener future

EcoAgriculture Partners partnered with the World Bank to produce an analysis of six case studies of commodity landscapes that assesses the status of environmental stewardship, sustainability in the supply chain, and policy implementation in East and Southeast Asia. The guide is meant to inform national strategic plans to make agricultural production work hand-in-hand with environmental protections to secure a greener and more equitable future for the region.

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