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Neerakar Uprety is the Senior Manager of Finance and Administration at EcoAgriculture Partners, based in the Washington D.C. Office. He leads financial management for the organization, providing financial reports and audit management. He develops and implements the financial processes of the organization, including remote and overseas operations processes. Prior to joining EcoAgriculture, he held a Senior Analyst position at IHR, Arlington, VA, and the position of Vice President of Program Development, Communication and Fundraising at Gorkhaly Foundation, Fairfax, VA.

Neerakar co-led the Rebuild Barpak campaign targeted at earthquake relief and rehabilitation work impacting the lives of 1200 families at the epicenter village of Barpak, Nepal, post the devastating April 2015 earthquake. He secured and oversaw a grant from National Geographic to support earthquake-rebuilding process where the grant went towards micro-hydro rehabilitation restoring 24-hour electricity, and also in restoration of ten local businesses. He has provided business development support to entrepreneurs and has played a key role in creating a sustainable economy in the village. He holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Accounting from the University of the District of Columbia.

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