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Luc Gnacadja is an architect by profession, a passionate advocate of holistic land stewardship and ecological landscape restoration in the context of sustainable development. Earlier this year he founded “GPS-Dev (Governance and Policies for Sustainable Development)”, a “Think tank for Doers” to challenge business-as-usual and advance feasible transition pathways towards sustainability in the developing world. Among other commitments, he is currently serving as the Special Representative of the LoCAL Programme Board, a facility managed by the UNCDF that provides climate change adaptation finance to local governments especially in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Luc previously served as UN Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of the UNCCD (2007-2013) and as Minister of Environment, Housing, Urban and Regional Development of Benin (1999-2005). He was a guiding voice for sustainable land development in the negotiations leading up to Rio+20, the June 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. His personal effort to promote the adoption of an international commitment to a “land-degradation neutral world” was deemed a critical step forward.

Luc is a recipient of the World Bank’s Green Award (2002) for promoting environment friendly public expenditure reform in Benin, and received in November 2014 the Jeffrey Cook Prize in Desert Architecture in acknowledgement of his lifetime contribution to a sustainable built environment.

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