Lisa studied literature, theatre and linguistics at University College in Utrecht before starting a Research Master of Science in linguistics. During her pursuit of this master’s degree, she followed an environmental humanities course that sparked her interest in and concern with the environment. This course was why she switched careers and followed a Master of Science in environment and resource management at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Lisa never fully abandoned her initial passion for language and writing and specialized in visual storytelling and communication in food systems and agriculture.

Lisa wrote her master’s thesis with the Regeneration Academy on a regenerative farm in Southern Spain. During this time, she researched how people can use storytelling to accelerate a transition from conventional to more sustainable farming practices. She also fell in love with the practical side of sustainable farming at this farm and now volunteers for several sustainable farms in the Netherlands.

At EcoAgriculture Partners, Lisa researches adult education approaches, methods and tools that lead to local empowerment, sustainable development and transformational change to inform the capacity-building strategy of the 1000 Landscapes for One Billion People initiative. Additionally, she contributes to the design of capacity assessment protocols, capacity building curricula, and curricula delivery modes in support of the Capacity Development Design Team of the 1000L Initiative.

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