Joaquin Campos

Dr. Campos is currently a fellow at EcoAgriculture Partners and an international consultant. From 2008 to 2016 he was the director general of CATIE, an international organization that combines graduate education, research and outreach in agriculture and natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. He also served in various positions at CATIE, including deputy director general and director of the departments of Natural Resources and Environment, Rural Development, Forestry and the Latin American Chair on Forest Landscape Management. He has worked with the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency and international NGOs on integrated conservation and development projects.

Dr. Campos is a faculty member of the Graduate School of CATIE and was adjunct professor at Laval University in Canada. He currently serves in the boards of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Demain Foundation, Independent Advisory Group of the Inter American Development Bank and the Editorial Board of the International Forestry Review. He has previously served in the board of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Scientific Advisory Committee of the Korea Forest Research Institute, External Advisory Group (forestry) of the World Bank, Board of the International and the Ibero-American Network of Model Forests and the Committee on Ecosystem Management of IUCN.

Dr. Campos has 36 years of professional experience and has published over 100 scientific and technical papers on territorial rural development, ecosystem approaches for natural resource management and agriculture, integrated watershed management, natural resource policies, monitoring and evaluation of sustainability and payment for ecosystem services. He has participated, organized and has been invited to speak at over 60 world congresses, international conferences and fora. He has advised Central American governments in subjects of his areas of expertise.  He holds a D. Phil. in forestry from the University of Oxford, UK (1990), a M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management from CATIE, Costa Rica (1986), and graduated in forest engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (1980).

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