Enrico Celio is a visiting fellow at EcoAgriculture Partners keen on learning how landscapes can be developed and managed in an inclusive and process-oriented way. He is senior scientist with the chair “Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems” at ETH Zürich where he seeks to understand how local contexts are influenced by global drivers. In various projects, he has elaborated participatory land use modeling techniques (using Bayesian networks), researched acceptance of planning measures, and conducted serious games that served as learning environments. He engages in transdisciplinary projects to close the gap between science and practice. Fascinated by the potential of common goods, he is personally involved in community-supported agriculture and cooperative housing.

Enrico designs and teaches theory and practice of landscape development. Among others, he organizes and teaches the “project week landscape development” in which students develop their own landscape projects within one week for a given case study area. Enrico holds a PhD from ETH Zürich (2014), an MAS in Spatial Planning (2011) from ETH Zürich, and an MSc in Geography from the University of Zürich (2008).

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