David Kuria was raised on the periphery of the Kikuyu Escarpment Forest on southern side of the Aberdares in Central Kenya. Seeing how this forest was undergoing rapid changes resulting from unsustainable human activities, he established a community-based conservation forum, Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO), which he has steered over a decade from humble beginning into a professional grassroots’ conservation forum. David first encountered EcoAgriculture Partners shortly after founding KENVO, when he was a student at our very first Ecoagriculture leadership course. Our mutually beneficial relationship with David, and KENVO, has continued to grow since.

KENVO works with other community groups advocating for good environmental conservation and improvement of local livelihoods. They have developed strong local partnerships enabling the implementation of a series of successful grassroots projects. KENVO has become a leading authority in rehabilitation of local indigenous forest through tree planting, community awareness and education, research and information dissemination, lobbying and advocacy.

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