At EcoAgriculture Partners, Amanda supports the communication team by producing material for the website, blog, social media, flyers, newsletters, articles and brochures.

Amanda holds an MSc in Medical Anthropology from Universiteit van Amsterdam and a BA (Cum Laude) in Social Sciences from Amsterdam University College. While living in Amsterdam, Amanda founded and co-ran the community garden Valreep Tuin and her university community garden AUC Garden.

Amanda has been working with Green Exchange, GAIA and Breaking Free From Plastic on diverse parts of their communication outreach, branding and implementing new media strategies.

Currently, Amanda is pursuing a Master´s Degree in Communication for Development at Malmö University, Sweden, and is excited about interactive and dynamic ways of communicating to make the debate surrounding climate change more inclusive and engaging. Amanda is legally blind and strongly believes in new media as a way of integrating minorities into the environmental struggle.

Amanda currently lives at the sustainability project Castellar Pueblo in the Spanish Pyrenees yet has lived in nine countries and is fluent in five languages.

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