Innovative Solutions

Photo by Manon Koningstein (CIAT)

Innovations for Collaborative Landscape Management

Creating equitable, sustainable solutions to livelihood, food security and environmental challenges.

Indigenous peoples and rural communities have developed, maintained, and adapted different types of integrated landscape management systems for centuries. In the years to come, the future of food production and native biodiversity will depend on mobilizing local communities to become leaders in whole landscape approaches. Every place is different, and so few land use prescriptions will work everywhere.

That’s why we work across sectors to assess the outcomes of integrated land management practices, design and test new management tools, and support and evaluate collaboration between stakeholder groups.

We work with communities to document practices, plan changes, train farmers and land stewards, empower leaders, and implement initiatives in the field.

Better landscape management leads to better outcomes

By analyzing the challenges, methods, and outcomes of sustainable food production, we are engaging stakeholders that are instrumental in securing livelihoods for communities worldwide. We study how institutions engaged in landscape management can improve, often working directly with the managers to evaluate their practices, deploy new tools or methods, and monitor landscape outcomes.

Connecting perspectives for a better view

We believe the people who depend on natural resources for their livelihoods, health and well-being should be the ones deciding how they are managed. But the view from one farm, or business, or government office is rarely wide enough to take in the whole landscape. By connecting communities, landscapes, and partners in strong integrated landscape initiatives we advance whole landscape approaches on the ground.


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