How We Work

Photo by Alba Saray Perez

EcoAgriculture Partners is a Catalyst

Our multi-pronged approach allows us to make an impact at the landscape, national, regional and international level. Each of these scales reinforces the others as we mainstream integrated landscape management around the world.

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Improving Landscape Management

We work with development groups, community-based organizations, and government agencies to train leaders, develop plans and strategies, and build coalitions and governance platforms to improve landscape management performance. Read More

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Leading Policy and Market Change

We connect landscape leaders with their local and national governments to spur constructive dialogue. We serve as a trusted adviser to decision makers, providing cutting-edge analysis that guides sound policy choices. We help private and public investors see the long-term value of investments in integrated landscapes. Read More

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Creating Partnerships for Action and Advocacy

We catalyze global initiatives, lead and manage dynamic teams, and steward critical new connections between governments, research institutions and landscapes, to maximize the impact of everyone’s efforts. Read More