July 8, 2021 | 9 am-12 pm EDT

Independent Global Dialogue on Territorial Governance for Sustainable Food Systems

While there is increased recognition of the importance of territorial governance for transforming food systems and of its relevance to a variety of action areas and solution clusters within the final stages of the Food Systems Summit preparation, it is important to gain a better understanding of the concrete measures which could help bring this about. To catalyze change, we need to know more about the actions that help ensure success as well as what hampers implementation of integrated approaches. This dialogue will add to the growing knowledge base about how to enact territorial governance to build resilient food systems and provide insights to ensure consistency and synergy of pathways leading to sustainable territorial food systems.

Territorial food systems must bring together stakeholders from relevant sectors across key administrative levels to enhance food system resilience and spark synergistic complementarities so that relatively lower-level actions can deliver a higher-level outcome. To do this effectively, users of such approaches need to define their aims according to the context and circumstances.

The following topics have been the object of extensive work and concertation within the AT process so far: Localisation of Food Systems – Strengthening Sustainable Territorial Development; Integrated Natural Resources Management for Food System Resilience; Public Procurement; Inclusive Financial Investments in Food Systems; Empowering Communities and Indigenous Peoples; Humanitarian Development Peace.

All of these pathways are facing, and therefore have to address, significant governance challenges. Governance is a common thread which we need to trace better to bring them together.

The Dialogue will take place in two parts. We will begin with a 45-minute plenary session to introduce the perspectives of key stakeholders on territorial governance in the context of the Food Systems Summit preparation. This will be followed by breakout groups where participants will be asked to concretely discuss territorial governance in the context of the above mentioned pathways.

Introductory Plenary Session

Mr. Manuel Lapão (CPLP, Inter-governmental organizations, confirmed)

Mr. Gabriel Ferrero (Spain, National government, confirmed)

Ms. Firdaous Oussidhoum (UCLG, TBC)

Mr. Stefano Marta (OECD/Localizing SDGs/G20, confirmed)

Ms. Elodie Valette (CIRAD, Research Institution, confirmed)

Breakout Groups

Localization of Food Systems – Strengthening Sustainable Territorial Development
Integrated Natural Resources Management for Food System Resilience
Public procurement
Inclusive financial investments in food systems
Leave No One Behind
Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus / Coalition on Conflict and Hunger

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UNESCO Chair on Food, Biodiversity, and Sustainability Studies