November 14, 2019 | 8.30-11am

Exploring models of integrated landscape investment

Integrated landscape management refers to locally-led partnerships that empower land managers and other members of local communities and municipalities to plan their own futures. By working collaboratively at the landscape scale they are finding creative ways to overcome barriers and manage their shared spaces to regenerate their resources, economies, and communities. In many cases, these partnerships are thriving but they face daunting challenges as they work to finance their integrated investment strategies. They require innovative landscape investment models that link multiple landscape objectives with an array of public, private and civic investments to achieve synergies and impacts at scale. The models are beginning to take shape, but most are still fairly new. They take various forms, such as landscape-based investment funds, landscape development companies, and regional business accelerator platforms.

Come learn more about these landscape investment vehicles as well as the support organizations that enable them.

Presenters will include:

  • Seth Shames Director for Policy and Markets, EcoAgriculture Partners 
  • Danielle King, Strategic Planning Manager, Conservation International 
  • Laura Drescher, Senior Associate, Quantified Ventures 

and other experienced participants who will offer their insights. All perspectives are welcome!