October 24, 2018 | 1300 CEST

Engaging the Private Sector in Integrated Landscape Approaches: More examples from across Africa

Digital Summit - videoconference

10-minute highlights

Building on the engaging discussion forum hosted by The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative at GLF Nairobi on “Engaging the Private Sector in Integrated Landscape Approaches: Cases from the African Landscapes Action Plan”, this digital summit will share additional examples from new geographies, new voices, and new insights to this important topic. Panelists will react to the key messages of the GLF Nairobi discussion forum, i.e.:

  • That value chain approaches are not sufficient to address sustainability issues, and that we need integrated landscape approaches instead.
  • That landscape management can be a critical de-risking strategy for financing development.
  • That with a clear business case private sector players and financial institutions can become interested in investing in the landscape. Most of them, however, don’t speak the language of landscapes yet.

Our digital summit panelists will provide insight from both the landscape partnership convener perspective and from the private sector already engaged in landscape management initiatives.

By sharing cases from both perspectives mutual benefits become visible and allow each to acknowledge and address the challenges of working together. Edward Mudibo will discuss why the East African Tea Trade Association is partnering in landscape initiatives convened by Solidaridad, going beyond their previous engagement in tea supply chain work. Mao Amis will describe important private sector participation in the integrated watershed initiative in the main drinking-water source of Durban, South Africa. Seth Shames and Jan Willem den Besten will share updates from ongoing collaboration between EcoAgriculture Partners and IUCN NL to ease access to finance and the development of new social enterprises in multi-stakeholder landscape partnerships.

Through these stories, we hope to help more landscape initiatives reach out successfully to private sector partners, and to motivate more private sector actors, of all sizes, to actively seek out opportunities to be engaged and supportive partners in integrated landscape management in the landscapes where they operate.  By sharing the lessons – both successes and obstacles – in engaging the private sector in collaborative landscape management, this digital summit will help advance sustainable land and resource use and forest and landscape restoration in Africa.

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