October 30, 2015

What We’re Reading: Diplomatic Relations, Desert Power, and Dietary Diversity

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Stories we loved this week:

Agrobiodiversity workshops in Kenya create more nutritious and diverse diets

Vihiga County, Kenya is overflowing in agricultural biodiversity. Narratives from workshop participants highlight the importance of maintaining local agriculture biodiversity to diversify their own diets and encourage nutritious diets to young children and community elders.

Bioversity International

Sahara Desert, new home to the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

In an effort to limit energy imports, Morocco has made strides to protect the environment through renewable energy sources.  The large-scale solar plant in Ouarzazate, Morocco is expected to make up a third Morocco’s renewable energy supply and power one million homes.

The Guardian

Reemerging diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US influence new effort to protect nature

Conservation International Fellow and coral scientist Les Kaufman details that Cuba’s unique ecology show both problems and promise. She suggests that it is essential to protect wetland landscapes and marine life in lieu of the inevitable increase in tourism and development.

Conservation International Blog

Carbon forestry projects need to consider Africa’s complex, changing political landscape

Carbon offsetting efforts in Africa’s forests may be challenged due to new emerging social, political and economic contexts. Understanding landscape governance and implementing conflict resolution strategies is necessary to address the politics of the forest.

Global Landscapes Forum

Banana farms in Mexico are hard-hit by Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia wiped through nearly 9,000 acres of farmland in the Cihuatlán Valley last week. Narciso de Jesus Ramirez Rubio, president of the municipal small landowners association, hopes that the government will help the 2,000 small-scale banana farmers in the region restore production.

Washington Post 

Photo by Kevin Philip D. Gayao, via Baguio Herald Express

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