April 30, 2020

What We’re Reading: Characterizing and Evaluating Integrated Landscape Initiatives

Manon KoningsteinEcoAgriculture Partners

Characterizing and Evaluating Integrated Landscape Initiatives

Carmenta et al. (2020) recently published the article ‘Characterizing and Evaluating Integrated Landscape Initiatives’ (ILIs) which analyzes the 104 tropical landscapes in Latin America that were identified in a paper that came out of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature (LPFN) initiative for which EcoAgriculture Partners was the facilitating partner

The diversity of ILIs in Latin America has created uncertainty about the nature of landscapes and the ‘integrated landscape approach’; how is it pursued and what outcomes does it deliver? In this article the authors recognize four distinct categories or modes of managing ILIs; of which one was dominated by agricultural interventions, and a second by conservation interventions, partially integrating ILIs with local scales of governance. The other two types: participation and legislation, and certification, institutions and participation, both show strong integration across multiple sectors and scales of governance.

The scholars show that integration is closely linked to higher-performing projects and a higher chance of achieving sustainable outcomes, and they offer policy-makers, practitioners, and the research community a set of strategies for selection, evaluation, and support of ILIs.

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