December 23, 2020

Update on 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, June-December 2020

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We are very pleased to share an update (click to see the full update) on progress since June of the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative (1000L). Our organizations, the Lead Partners of 1000L, have been working energetically–with more than 20 Technical Partners, two dozen Landscape Partnerships, a dozen landscape networks and 40 financial institutions involved in landscape finance–to refine the 1000L priorities and co-design our strategy.

The Inception Phase (October 2019-August 2020) is successfully completed. Based on extensive consultations by our Design Teams, and a virtual Co-Design Workshop, we defined our four key interventions and theory of change, and a scaling strategy to benefit 1000 Landscape Partnership by 2030. We crafted a ‘Shared Vision for Thriving Landscapes” and are finalizing a “Shared Process Framework for Integrated Landscape Management” that aligns our various methodological approaches into one generic, adaptable framework.

Since September, we have been getting ready to implement the Co-Design, Testing and Demonstration Phase of 1000L (September 2020-December 2023), developing work plans to develop the four core 1000L services:

  • Terraso Digital Landscape Platform — to make landscape management easier and more effective, through a comprehensive, open-source, spatially explicit and easy-to-use information technology platform and commons.
  • ILM Capacity Development –to assist landscape learning networks, training institutes, indigenous organizations and other local and national organizations strengthen the capacities of Landscape Partnerships.
  • Landscape Finance Solutions – to design and test solutions to fill existing gaps in financing landscape investment portfolios (public, private, community projects) at scale.
  • 1000L Global Action Network – to enhance knowledge-sharing and joint advocacy among landscape partnerships, and link them effectively with businesses, governments, funders, research institutes and technical experts and services.

Our virtual Global Hub will drive, coordinate and support the implementation of the 1000L program, through partnership development and convening, governance support and strategic planning; digital platform; resource mobilization and donor engagement; communications, outreach and advocacy; and monitoring, evaluation and learning.

In early 2021, we begin to implement this new Phase of work, initially to develop the Terraso, Capacity Development and Landscape Finance designs with a small number of Landscape Partnerships. By mid-2021 we should be ready to work in many more landscapes and with more partners around the world.  We look forward to finding exciting ways to collaborate with you.

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