October 15, 2018

Support Landscape Leaders at this Watershed Moment

Sara ScherrEcoAgriculture Partners

How do we move forward now that there is general agreement on what to do, but not enough knowledge or support for how to do it?

EcoAgriculture Partners is at a watershed moment. Since our founding in 2002, we have been at the cutting edge of new thinking, action and policy for agricultural landscapes to sustainably provide abundant food and fiber, healthy ecosystems, climate change mitigation and resilience, economic development and human well-being, at the same time. EcoAg has done research to understand integrated landscape management (ILM); developed practical tools and training for landscape partnerships; and advocated to put sustainable landscapes on the policy agenda.

The results are amazing—unimaginable back in 2002. EcoAg has helped more than 50 landscape partnerships across Africa, Asia and Latin America to get established and advance their local landscape visions. Millions of people at risk of food insecurity, water shortages, land degradation, and climate disruption are shifting towards sustainable economies and societies. Critical areas for biodiversity are being protected and restored. For example, In Cagayan de Oro, Philippines we helped local sustainable development leaders identify social enterprise models and create an investment plan to advance their landscape action plan. In Kenya, we helped develop training materials for the first payments for agricultural soil carbon program for smallholder farmers.

We have managed to generate high-level policy and corporate support for integrated landscape management too. ILM has been endorsed at the United Nations as a way to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, climate commitments, land restoration and biodiversity conservation. The food industry and agribusiness, and even private investors, are beginning to escape the constraints of supply chains and ‘think landscape’, endorsing the Business for Sustainable Landscapes Action Agenda, for instance.

Action at a time of transition

So where do we go now? What is ‘cutting edge’ today? How do we turn the policy words supporting integrated landscape management into action in the soil, under the canopy, on the deltas? How do we move forward now that there is general agreement on what to do, but not enough knowledge or support for how to do it?

We believe EcoAg is in a unique position to help local farmers and their landscape partners translate their ambitious landscape visions into investments that can be funded at scale, with user-friendly, digitized tools. And we can help financial institutions develop funding mechanisms that are targeted explicitly to overcome barriers for landscape investment.

We need your financial support now to enable landscape partnerships to work more effectively together and mobilize investment that supports regeneration, not degradation, in places like:

  • Bangladesh, where we are developing water-centric ILM in the agricultural regions most vulnerable to climate change.
  • Central America, where we are training leaders of the poorest farming communities who are also the most important stewards of biodiversity.
  • Tanzania, where we are working with smallholder farmers, businesses and environmentalists to devise landscape strategies for agricultural green growth.

Donate now.

Become a supporter of Landscape Leaders

EcoAgriculture Partners is also getting more creative about fundraising. This year, our Board of Directors, staff, and fellows are all joining in to raise money for Landscape Leaders directly from individuals who support our vision and mission. You can join them.

Visit our campaign page to learn more: support.ecoagriculture.org/landscapeleaders2018

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