December 18, 2019

First North America Landscape Finance Forum explores innovative investment models

Seth ShamesEcoAgriculture Partners Manon Koningstein

The North America Landscape Finance Forum (NALFF) explored integrated landscape investment models in the U.S. and Canada, where some of the most innovative initiatives are taking place. The goals of the full-day forum were to better understand the key elements of integrated landscape investments, share knowledge among innovators, and explore collaborative actions that could further build and scale up these models.

The Forum was organized by EcoAgriculture Partners, FAO, Solutions from the Land, The Atkinson Center of Cornell University, Living Economy, and the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation.

‘This was the first time that a meeting has been organized on the topic of integrated landscape investment models in North America. There was an electric atmosphere, and participants were motivated to continue learning from each other and to build this field’

as mentioned by Seth Shames, EcoAgriculture´s Director of Policy and Markets

The day featured presentations of current models of integrated landscape investment, reflections on those models from a wide range of stakeholders from the finance, government, and agricultural sectors, and a discussion of next steps for the field of integrated landscape investment in North America. The models that have been developing, many of them fairly new, take various forms, such as landscape-based investment funds, landscape development companies, and regional business accelerator platforms. 

In the coming months, this group will work together to chart the path forward to support integrated landscape investment in North America and beyond. The next steps that were identified include developing a deeper understanding of how investment vehicles and support service entities operate; analyzing the financial benefits of investing within a landscape context; and creating standardized metrics to evaluate impacts from landscape investments.

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