June 1, 2019

Announcing the brand new LIFT Website

Louis WertzEcoAgriculture Partners

Our community of more than 400 LIFT users around the world just got richer!

EcoAgriculture Partners and the Dutch National Committee of IUCN (IUCN NL) are thrilled to announce the first major update to the Landscape Investment and Finance Toolkit (LIFT) website since LIFT was fully launched last year.

In the year and half since, we have been collecting stories from LIFT users and producing learning material based on the pilot implementations of the toolkit. The new website presents these materials in our new “Use Case” and “Help Center” sections. With the launch of these sections comes a commitment to continue adding material that will help the LIFT Community increase access to landscape investment and finance.

Use Case from Mindanao, Philippines

Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit shares the story of how her landscape initiative used LIFT to find creative financial partners for elements of their landscape action plan.

Our first Use Case highlights an early LIFT pilot by the landscape initiative in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, co-convened by Samdhana International and supported by IUCN NL. The story features a video interview with Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, project leader for Samdhana, and details about the process they employed, as well as some exciting information on early results and benefits.

Video lessons on all things Landscape Finance

Our Help Center is filled with both written and video learning material about all aspects of landscape finance from the core concepts you need to know to apply LIFT to the details of the Business Model Canvas and investment coordination.

Check out, for example, this video lesson introducing the power and purpose of developing a landscape finance strategy:

Sneaky preview of what’s to come

For those really interested in helping make the LIFTkit a hit, you can find a sneak peak at what’s to come (with the right support, of course). Find the blue “What’s Next: LIFT 2.0” button at the bottom of the site. No spoilers here.

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