March 31, 2020

Announcing the 78 Rockefeller Food System Vision-Prize semi-finalists!!

The Food System Vision Prize question ´How might we envision regenerative and nourishing food futures for 2050?´, sparked 1319 organizations, representing 112 countries and all continents except for Antarctica, to submit their visions for the future of their food systems to the Rockefeller Foundation. 

The Prize aims to spur sustainability innovation in the world’s many food systems. The prize also aims to empower communities globally to develop actionable solutions and become protagonists in their own food future. 

78 Visions made it to the semi-finals based on their potential to inspire a transformation in a food system and their potential to be actionable, concrete and attainable by 2050. 

Among these semi-finalists are those clearly taking a landscape approach in their vision as the foundation for a healthy food system. An example is the one supported by The Nature Conservancy on the Upper Tana Foodscape (The Nature Conservancy) in which landscapes provide a steady stream of benefits – clean water for drinking and irrigation, fresh food for consumption, natural beauty for recreation and enjoyment, and habitat to sustain the biodiversity upon which all life depends´.
Another example is the Vision of the World Wildlife Fund, SAGCOT Centre and their partners: they see the use of Inclusive Green Growth strategies as the way to reach Resilient and Equitable Food Systems in the Ihemi Cluster, Tanzania. In their Vision, traditionally vulnerable groups are shaping community decision-making through vibrant community-based organizations, responsive and accountable governments, and empowered small-scale farmers. 

There are Visions representing large urban areas, such as the one by the African Population and Health Research Center using a people-centered food system approach to restore the water supply in urban areas such as Nairobi
There are also visions representing large forested areas, such as the vision from the small NGO Transformación, Arte y Educación AC,  in which they see a future of a community-based landscape in which diverse food systems coexist to help regenerate the ancient indigenous Mayan food network

Which Vision is your favorite? 

Check out all 79 Semi-Finalist Visions and leave them a comment, question, or note of congratulations and/or share about this community on social media. Also, we, as EcoAgriculture Partners, are very curious to know about your preferences, so let us know how you were inspired by them!!

What´s next?

In May 2020, up to 10 of the semi-finalists will be selected as Finalists and will enter the Accelerator stage. Top Visionaries will be announced on September 13th, 2020! We will inform you all about it on the way!

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  • Guenette Paul
    March 31, 2020 at 7:10am

    Great recognition of triple bottom line landscape approach to sustainable food security

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