November 2, 2021

Natural Climate Solutions in Landscapes Help Communities Mitigate Impacts, Expert Panel Says

Juan Ramos EcoAgriculture Partners

In response to the climate change emergency, policymakers, businesses and communities are seeking powerful, cost-effective solutions to react to a changing world.  Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) have emerged as one answer that gives many people hope, particularly with issues relating to land use, which contributes around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions reductions n ...
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November 1, 2021

At EcoAgriculture Partners, We Love Stock Donations!

Delaina Castillo EcoAgriculture Partners

EcoAgriculture Partners is excited to announce that we are now accepting stock donations. With this new option, our supporters can contribute any way they feel most comfortable: stocks, cash, credit, check or direct from a bank account and soon via Apple, Google or Microsoft Pay, Venmo or PayPal. The new stock donation option is a […] ...
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