July 27, 2020

What We´re Reading: Reset Sustainable Development Goals for a pandemic world

Manon Koningstein EcoAgriculture Partners

Reset Sustainable Development Goals for a pandemic world: COVID-19 is exposing the fragility of the goals adopted by the United Nations   The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depend on two big assumptions: sustained economic growth and globalization. However, the ongoing COVID-19 is demonstrating that our ability to meet the current SDGs is not resilient to […] ...
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July 1, 2020

Conclusions from the FAO-EcoAgriculture Landscapes RoundTable: Insights on the African Landscapes Action Plan, Phase 3

Tom Derr

25 June 2020 – FAO North America and EcoAgriculture Partners hosted a virtual Landscape Roundtable on the African Landscape Action Plan (ALAP): Phase 3, which lays out a strategy for achieving sustainable development in Africa through integrated landscape management (ILM). The Roundtable panelists included seven African landscape leaders (click here for their short biographie ...
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