January 6, 2017

What We’re Reading: The argument for intentionally designing agricultural landscapes

The Editors EcoAgriculture Partners

This short reading list, which kept us busy in front of the fire over the holiday period, is a great way to get excited about transforming agriculture in 2017: Designing agricultural landscapes for biodiversity-based ecosystem services – Basic and Applied Ecology This vital new article by Douglas A. Landis makes a clear argument for more intensive […] ...
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January 3, 2017

My New Year’s Resolution: Inspire and empower the next wave of Landscape Champions

Sara Scherr EcoAgriculture Partners

When I look back on 2016 from the lens of sustainable landscapes, I see a remarkable transition underway. Big institutions in government, business, and finance have begun making serious efforts to grapple with the challenge of integrated landscape management at scale. They are recognizing the critical importance of addressing resource challenges—of degradation, conflict, acc ...
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