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Integrated Landscape Investment in Kenya - Discussion Paper No 14 Cover

Integrated Landscape Investment in Kenya

  • Krista Heiner
  • Seth Shames
  • Emily Spiegel

A snapshot of the successes, challenges, and innovations in investment in ILM in Kenya.

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The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book

  • Louisa Denier
  • Sara Scherr
  • Seth Shames
  • Paul Chatterton
  • Lex Hovani
  • Nienke Stam

The Little Sustainable Landscapes Book aims to clarify and disseminate sustainable landscape management methods, and to catalyse their implementation across private and public sectors worldwide. Also...

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LPFN_WhitePaper_112415c_lowres 1

Landscape Partnerships for Sustainable Development

To achieve the SDGs by 2030 will require a radically different paradigm of development than was applied to the Millennium Development Goals. A new approach that breaks down sectoral barriers,...

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Scaling UP Cover

Scaling Up Investment & Finance for Integrated Landscape Management: Challenges & Innovations

  • Seth Shames
  • Sara Scherr

To achieve the SDGs, new models of investment and finance are needed that not only incentivize the scaling up of investment in sustainable agriculture and land management, but do so in strategic ways...

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Finance White Paper

Scaling Up Investment & Finance for Integrated Landscape Management – Policy Brief

  • Sara Scherr
  • Seth Shames

Achieving the sustainable future we want requires new models of investment and finance for integrated landscape management approaches. However, coordinating investments for landscapes can be...

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SDG White Paper brief snapshot

Landscape Partnerships for Sustainable Development: A Policy Brief

Uprooting the drivers of poverty, inequality and food insecurity requires an overhaul of the current development paradigm. This will require replacing the siloed, sectoral approach to development...

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African Business Engagement - Needs and Opportunities Assessment - Web Cover_Page_01

African Agribusiness Needs and Opportunities Assessment

  • Abigail Hart
  • Lee Gross

This document reports on a collaborative, stakeholder-engaged assessment of the resources that are needed to build capacities for meaningful private sector engagement in integrated landscape...

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At the Forefront of Landscape Management

EcoAgriculture Partners positions this new strategy to assist national governments, non-governmental conservation and development programs, regional conveners, and multilateral funding agencies with...

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African Business Roadshow Presentation - LPFN Initiative - Cover

The Landscape Approach For Sustainability in African Agribusiness

  • Lee Gross
  • Louis Wertz

The booklet was designed for leaders of African agriculture, food and beverage companies, and for the civil society and government land managers working to engage them. It offers cases of...

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EASER Steps Toward Green Cover Image

Steps Toward Green

  • Sara Scherr
  • Kedar Mankad
  • Steven M. Jaffee
  • Christine Negra

East and Southeast Asian countries have become some of the world's foremost producers of commodity crops, but growth came at a high environmental cost. In this new book, EcoAgriculture Partners, The...

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