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Steps Toward Green: 2-page Briefs Six Case Studies in Commodity Landscapes

Steps Toward Green examined six commodity landscapes in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to illuminate lessons and opportunities for the design of agricultural policies that...

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Learning Landscapes

This brief book highlights, in their own words, the achievements of the integrated landscape initiatives brought together in the East African Regional Learning Network of the Landscapes for People,...

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Advancing and Balancing Ecological Conservation, Agricultural Production and Local Livelihood Goals in Kenya’s Kikuyu Escarpment Landscape

  • Louise Buck
  • Courtney Wallace-Stokes
  • David Kuria
  • Jeffrey C. Milder

This case study characterizes the Kikuyu Escarpment landscape and describes the ways in which an integrated landscape management approach has enabled local communities to define and pursue their...

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Financing ILI Analysis

Financing Strategies for Integrated Landscape Investment: Integrated Landscape Initiative Analysis

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

Integrated Landscape Initiatives (ILIs) have unique financing needs. ILIs are struggling to meet these needs with existing finance mechanisms. But a range of key investors can coordinate their...

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Namaqualand Cover

Financing Strategies for Integrated Landscape Investment: Case Study of Namaqualand, South Africa

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

The Succulent Karoo Biome, which begins in southern Namibia and extends to the Cape Province of South Africa, is the world’s only recognized arid biodiversity hotspot.

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Atlantic Forest

Financing Strategies for Integrated Landscape Investment: Case Study of Atlantic Forest, Brazil

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

A case study of finance for landscape-scale restoration in the Atlantic Forest, a Brazilian biodiversity hotspot.

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lake naivasha cover

Financing Strategies for Integrated Landscape Investment: Case Study of Lake Naivasha, Kenya

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

A case study of the Lake Naivasha catchment, an area that has recently experienced extreme population and industrial growth.

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The Evolving Landscape of Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation

  • Sajal Sthapit
  • Dunja Mijatovic

This compelling case study captures the lessons of more than 15 years of work to restore and preserve the landscapes surrounding Rupa Lake in Nepal, while focusing on recent innovations using a...

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WFP Promotes Resilience in Chronic Food Insecure Areas of Ethiopia

  • Sara Scherr
  • Raffaela Kozar

This project is designed to learn how the World Food Programme is already building resilient livelihoods and ecosystems, and to help enhance its role in the delivery of food security...

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Applying an Agriculture Green Growth Approach in the SAGCOT Clusters

  • Abigail Hart
  • Louise Buck

As part of the Greenprint development process, a more in-depth assessment of AGG opportunities was undertaken in three of the SAGCOT Clusters, Kilombero, Iheni and Mbarali. This document reports on...

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SABMiller Cover Image

Reducing Risk: Landscape Approaches to Sustainable Sourcing – SABMiller Case Study

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

SABMiller is looking “beyond the breweries” to the landscape and communities it operates in.

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Starbucks Cover Image

Reducing Risk: Landscape Approaches to Sustainable Sourcing – Starbucks and Conservation International Case Study

  • Gabrielle Kissinger

Starting in 1998, Starbucks partnered with Conservation International (CI) in order to create a system of agricultural best practices for coffee production that maintained ecosystem services while...

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Olam Cover Image

Reducing Risk: Landscape Approaches to Sustainable Sourcing – Olam International and Rainforest Alliance Case Study

  • André Brasser

Olam is a global integrated supply chain manager that sources 6 million dollars worth of cocoa from the western Bia/Juabeso region of Ghana each year. When the company recognized that its regular...

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North Coast Farm of the Future

Forests of the Future

  • The North Coast Conservation Program
  • The Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund purchased the Big River and Salmon Creek Forests to protect rare and threatened temperate rainforest from fragmentation and the risk of conversion to non-forest uses. The...

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Watson Partners Cover

The Watson Partners and the Southern Minnesota Sugar Beet Cooperative

  • Adam Birr

The Watson Partners Farm is part of a cooperative of sugar beet growers that established an internal point to non-point phosphorus trading program to offset phosphorus discharge from its processing...

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Mudform fArm

Mudford Farm in the Chesapeake Bay

  • Ariela Summit

The Biophilia Foundation, a non-profit organization, and partners, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage and Water Stewardship Inc., anticipate that credits will appreciate in value as a legislative framework...

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Buck Island Ranch and the Florida Ranchlands Environmental Services Project

Buck Island Ranch (BIR) is one of eight participating ranches in the Florida Ranchlands for Environmental Services Project (FRESP), a project initiated in 2005 by World Wildlife Fund, ranchers,...

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Sacramento River Ranch

  • Maria S. Bowman

Agricultural, Ecological and Regulatory Context The Sacramento River Ranch property lies adjacent to the Sacramento River, which runs from Mount Shasta to the San Francisco Bay, in California. River...

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