Harmonizing Policies for Integrated Landscape Management

Empowering people to be effective advocates for local landscape management and helping policymakers enable the transition to integrated landscape management.

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Harmonizing Policies for Integrated Landscape Management

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Regional, national and local policies all can have dramatic effects on the ability to manage landscapes in a sustainable way. Sectoral policy development has tended to set specific land uses against one another, leaving the courts or powerful industries to sort out winners and losers in ad hoc and de facto ways. For reliable, sustainable, equitable management of natural resources to occur at the landscape level, policies must be better aligned and governments must support local land management. However, landscape leaders and policymakers rarely come together to discuss better ways forward. 

Our Role

Helping landscape leaders affect policy

We work with landscape leaders and policymakers to understand the policy environment that effects the way their landscape performs currently, and determine what needs to be changed to improve outcomes, including equity in management and decision-making. We empower local people with tools and techniques to make the case to government officials at various levels.

Connecting leaders for increased impact

We connect landscape leaders with each other, country by country, to discuss policy issues and formulate collaborative strategies for overcoming policy barriers to integrated landscape management. Finally, we bring high-level policymakers to the table with local landscape leaders in structured dialogues.

Developing guidelines and tools for policymakers

Research, from the landscape level to the international arena, guides the creation of policy guidelines, frameworks, and tools that policymakers can use to interrogate current policies for their impact on integrated landscape management, and shift or shape policies to better support the outcome of sustainable landscapes.

How We Do It

We research national policies, in everything from forest and parks management to water to energy to agriculture, to see what is impacting land and resource management decision-making at the local level. We determine the scope and type of questions to ask local landscape leaders and policymakers to kick off an engagement process that will shape our policy work in a place.

We organize meetings, surveys, interviews and focus groups with landscape stakeholders to determine their particular experience with public policy, the perceived roles of government in landscape management locally, and the opportunities and obstacles that policy presents to integrated management in the landscape.

We teach and learn about how to interact with local, sub-national and national policymakers and policy processes. We empower landscape leaders by teaching research-based policy advocacy tools and communications techniques.

We convene policymakers and landscape leaders to start the conversation, and provide facilitation and guidance for both parties to ensure discussions are positive, constructive, and open a pathway for continued dialogue.

Our Partner


Working with EcoAgriculture Partners helped us to enhance the participation of civil society organizations and county government officials in landscape management through improved communication and advocacy on landscape issues.

Kamau Mbogo CEO, Imarisha Naivasha

Our Impact

The beginnings of a shift in Kenya

In Kenya, we’ve applied this process with a half-dozen landscapes. All have reported increased dialogue with the relevant national authorities. Meanwhile, policy change is slow in coming, so as we begin to engage with landscape leaders in other countries, we will continue to work with landscapes in Kenya to identify and introduce effective and practical solutions to the policy barriers they experience. 

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