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Jim Woodhill has 25 years of international experience across the agrifood, rural development, natural resource management and international development sectors. He now works as an independent consultant based in Oxford, after a term as Principal Sector Specialist for Food Security and Rural Development with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Prior to this he was Director of the Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands.

Inclusive agribusiness, transformations in the global food system and the role of multi-stakeholder partnership are central to his professional experience and interests. His publications include “Chain Wide Learning for Inclusive Agrifood Market Development”, “From Islands of Success to Seas of Change – a report on scaling inclusive agri-food markets” and “The MSP Guide – how to Design and Facilitate Multi-stakeholder Partnerships.”

Earlier in his career Jim was deeply involved in community-based land conservation through work with the World Conservation Union in Africa and a decade of experience with watershed management, landcare and regional economic development in Australia. Subsequently, his work has involved extensive consulting experience with international organisations, in-depth engagement with the private sector, and participation in international policy processes.

Jim has a PhD in political economics from the Australian National University and studied agricultural science at the University of Sydney. He applies a deep understanding of systemic thinking, social change and organizational learning to help teams and organisations be visionary, improve performance and achieve results. He is a highly experienced facilitator of multi-stakeholder processes and has worked extensively on program planning, monitoring and evaluation. Jim is able to draw on his breadth of experience in senior roles across management, policy, consulting, research, teaching and advocacy. In 2014 he received the University of Sydney, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Alumni Award for International Achievement. He is passionate about creating the insight, leadership and innovation needed for sustainability and social justice.

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