March 25, 2016

What We’re Reading: Water Worries

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Stories we loved the week of March 20th:

Half the World to Face Severe Water Stress by 2030 unless Water Use is “Decoupled” from Economic Growth, Says International Resource Panel

As the global population rises and urbanization grows, demand for water has dramatically increased. Under current trends, demand for water will exceed supply by 40 percent in 2030, highlighting an urgent need to improve how humans use the precious resource.


The real cost of water for the world’s poorest

Despite international attention on World Water Day, there is still uneven progress in accessibility to clean drinking water. Many of the world’s poorest continue to be left behind and suffer from ill health, wasted opportunities, and lost productivity.


Can coffee become the world’s first 100 percent sustainable agricultural product?

Growing coffee often leads to deforestation. However, a new initiative, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, aims to change the way the coffee industry operates.


Top photo by Pablo Tosco/OxFam International on Flickr.

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