July 29, 2016

What We’re Reading: USDA makes investments in coaching for local leaders

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Stories we loved the week of July 24, 2016:

7 Rivers Alliance all SET for USDA economic development project – LaCrosse Tribune

This story provides a fantastic example how enabling investments for multi-stakeholder landscape management in rural landscapes can help ensure local participation in development planning. Securing the SDGs will happen through efforts like this, at the landscape level, with local leaders. Investments that help them gain the skills and knowledge to lead these programs and develop landscape management plans are just what the doctor ordered. From the article, ‘”The cool thing is that we get coaching and planning assistance to be actively involved in developing this plan,” [Lisa Herr, executive director of the 7 Rivers Alliance said].’

The Sustainable Development Goals are Coming to Life – United Nations Development Group (UNDG)

With stories from 16 countries, including Sierra Leone, Uganda, Indonesia and Brazil, this publication provides a quick look at how the Sustainable Development Goals are being implemented, “and the role United Nations Country Teams play in the process. It illustrates how these countries are beginning to integrate the 2030 Agenda into visions, strategies and plans at the national, subnational and local levels.”

Mapping Agricultural Components of the INDCs – CGIAR research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

Countries’ international commitments to engage in climate change mitigation activities, their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), contain a variety of initiatives within or related to the agricultural sector. As part of its annual report, CCAFS mapped how these national plans and strategies will shape global food production practices related to greenhouse gas reduction efforts, including changes to livestock systems, cropping practices, and agroforestry. Key facts: 119 of the 162 INDCs submitted by April 2016 included mitigation measures from agriculture and land use.

Exploring the Case for Investments in Sustainable Landscapes – Global Landscapes Forum

“On 6 June 2016 at the Royal Society in London, over 300 senior representatives from the financial sector, civil society, government and business came together at the second Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case. The event explored the role of the financial sector in imagining, innovating and investing in sustainable landscapes. These were their key messages: (1) New business models, financial instruments and regulations need to come in at different scales and provide support at different stages and over different timeframes; (2) Technology is needed to make sustainability simpler and cost effective; (3) Risks have to be mitigated and trust built – for investors and their customers; (4) Access to good quality data and using it is essential; and (5) We need to start communicating alternative value propositions, collaborating across sectors and value chains.”

Featured image courtesy of the 7Rivers Alliance.

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