April 29, 2016

What We’re Reading: The complicated case of climate change and agriculture

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Stories we loved the week of April 25th:


The complicated case of global warming’s impact on agriculture — Environment 360

Theoretically, additional CO2 in the atmosphere should help fuel crop growth. But global warming’s other impacts, such as shifting rain patterns, higher temperatures, and extreme weather, could reduce crop yields. Will climate change be good for the farmer, or bad? A new study in the journal Nature Climate Change finds the answer depends on where she lives.

Wildlife loss in tropical forests is bad news — and not just for animals — Human Nature

Why spend so much time and energy keeping track of species halfway around the world? A PhD study uses camera traps to reveal surprising statistics on the contribution of wildlife to the capacity of tropical forests to store carbon.

An agroforestry view on crop modelling — Agroforestry World

Global food and development policies are increasingly being supported by crop models. But current modelling approaches ignore critical aspects of sustainable agriculture and do not work for complex agricultural landscapes common in developing countries. This blog suggests ditching precision for a more holistic view of a landscape that can guide more socially just policies.

The photo featured with this post is by Eduardo Fonseca Arraes, on Flickr.

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