February 19, 2016

What We’re Reading: Reading the Rain, Cost of Carbon and Fighting Injustice

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Stories we loved the week of February 15th:

Reading the Rain

For Ethiopian farmers, the weather is already written in the rain. Now, it’s time to look beyond the weather to build practical land management research programs.

Thrive Blog

Climate change is awfully hard on native plants

California’s ecosystems are heating up and native species are on the move. This phenomenon is particularly worrying given that plants and animals are not moving at the same rate, causing ecological communities to breakdown.


Why the Paris Agreement will fail: the living Earth cannot be reduced to tonnes of carbon

The common metric for measuring climate change, tons of carbon, may neglect to account for the things that matter most. In a multidimensional world, it is critical to go beyond carbon to examine the impacts of climate change on communities and ecosystems.


Dismantling Injustice in the Food System: An Interview with Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson is a pioneer of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) movement in the United States. She uses her role as an agrarian leader to stand up to injustices intrinsic in many food systems and promote an increase in domestic fair trade.

National Young Farmers Coalition


Top photo from Arne Hoel / World Bank on The World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.

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