November 4, 2016

What We’re Reading: Prepping for Marrakech

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Traveling to Morocco for UNFCCC COP22? Read these posts and papers on the flight and arrive prepared.

Options for agriculture at Marrakech climate talks: messages for SBSTA 45 agriculture negotiators – CCAFS Report 45 (PDF)

The CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research program (CCAFS) presents 10 options that could contribute to a decision in the SBSTA on food and farming. The options take into consideration “olitical priorities, implementation arrangements, timelines and level of ambition.” CCAFS program director Bruce Campbell says “We are optimistic and see opportunities for progress this year.”

Attractions of Marrakesh: The Medina, souks and the ‘COP of Action’ – Forests News

CIFOR’s Stephen Leonard and Suzanne Dayne run down the top ten things related to forests and land use to watch out for in Marrakech. On the list beyond the obvious (Agriculture, REDD+): Enhancing transparency in the land sector, corporate pledges on deforestation and restoration, the role of coastal and marine ecoystems (“blue carbon”), and operationalizing the human rights aspects of the climate agreement. Comes complete with further reading for those with extra long flights.

How the World Is Turning the Promises of Paris Into PolicyPacific Standard

Pacific Standard’s climate correspondent Kate Wheeling delves into four cases of “how national leaders are working to realize the promises of the Paris Agreement at home,” from Norway, Guatemala, Russia and India. Plenty of insight into the problems and possibilities for progress on climate change across widely varying political and economic situations.

COP22: Seven green business wishes for the Marrakesh climate talks –

This article includes strong voices from within industry calling for more action, from government and from fellow businesspeople, to dramatically reduce emissions. Unilever CEO Paul Polman called last week for every business in the world to make a climate commitment. Among the items on the wishlista: “Re-define the relationship between basic human needs and climate change,” “”Mobilise climate finance to create opportunities for developing countries,” and “Transformational targets that allow businesses to drive the low-carbon movement.”

COP22 Jargon Cheat Sheet – World Resources Institute

Just what it sounds like: a helpful guide to the alphabet soup of acronyms, shorthand and UN-speak that will be as prevalent as French and Arabic in the souks and medinas of Marrakech for the coming weeks. Study up and impress your colleagues, or at least understand some of what’s going on.


Featured image “Marrakesh – Mosque of the Kasbah” by Stephen Colebourne on Flickr.

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