February 27, 2016

What We’re Reading: Potential of Pollinators, Disease Spillovers, and Soil Soldiers

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Stories we loved the week of February 26th:

Lack of pollinators cuts small farm harvests

Boosting the number of pollinators could increase crop yields on small farms in developing countries.

Sci Dev Net

How forest loss is leading to a rise in human disease

Increasingly, the science shows that the felling of tropical forests creates optimal conditions for the spread of mosquito-borne scourges and contagion from animals.

Yale Environment 360

Seeing the impact of forest fires in South Sumatra: a view from the field

An estimated 2.6 million hectares—or 4.5 times the size of Bali—of forest burned to clear land for palm oil production. How can Indonesia cut down on slash-and-burn agriculture?

World Bank

The ‘hidden’ biodiversity sustaining our agricultural systems

‘Biodiversity’ conjures up images of trees, plants, insects and mammals, but what of the biodiversity which exists under the ground? Scientists explore the key role soil biota play in maintaining healthy agro-ecosystems.

Agroforestry World Blog

How farmers are trying a new kind of flooding to save California’s agriculture

Even as scientists say the Golden State’s agricultural sector must inevitably shrink, farmers are testing a way to stanch the loss of their most precious resource: groundwater.

Christian Science Monitor

Top photo from Venu Gopal on Flickr.

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