November 20, 2015

What We’re Reading: Microbes, Love Lost and Synthesizers

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Stories we loved this week:

Research shows the potential benefits of microbial diversity in African soil

Understanding microbial diversity in Africa’s soils helps farmers manage plants to withstand disease and climatic changes.  Soil microbes cycle water and nutrients to help maintain healthy soil structures.

The Conversation

What We’ll Do After the Paris Climate Summit Drops the Ball

Across the world, all eyes are turning toward the upcoming climate talks in Paris, but it may be time for creative communities to take action, instead.

Yes! Magazine

Bread, wine, chocolate: The slow loss of foods we love

We find what we love and stick with it. However, this might not necessarily be good for us, or the planet.

Green Biz

Factory farms to blame for well water contamination in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

One-third of tested wells contained high levels of nitrates and coliform bacteria. Residents from the county are petitioning factory farms to limit use of liquefied manure to potentially curb draining into aquifers.

Al Jazeera

From Meta-Studies to Modeling: Synthesizing a Changing Landscape

Scientific discovery is anything but simple. It is wrought with complexities that may lead to more questions than answers—but that’s precisely where things get interesting.


Featured photo sourced from CIMMYT’s Flickr Account, taken by X. Fonseca of CIMMYT.

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