October 2, 2015

What We’re Reading: Frayed Ecosystems, Planted Solutions, and Climate-proofing

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Stories we loved this week:

Fraying ecosystems the necessary target of action to achieve the SDGs

With environment now at the heart of the newly-agreed 2030 Development Agenda, taking advantage of opportunities for landscape restoration is a pathway to success, argue Manish Bapna and Sean Dewitt of World Resources Institute.

Huffington Post

Bamboo offers a strategic resource for Africa to generate rural incomes

Native bamboo species have the unique potential to restore, reforest and revitalize Africa’s rural economies, says the Director General of the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR).


CGIAR open letter to heads of state at 70th Annual UN General Assembly 

Global agriculture research consortium proposes new, innovative strategies for cross-sector advancement of the SDGs. The letter from the heads of all the CGIAR’s research centers calls for heads of state to become key actors and supporters of both research and development projects in the realm of agriculture and resource management. 


To avoid “failed seasons,” greater investment needed to climate-proof Africa’s farms

The food security of Africa’s smallholder farmers is increasingly threatened by vulnerability to climate change. A new report from the Montpellier Panel makes recommendations to donors and governments. Sir Gordon Conway spoke to the BBC on behalf of the Panel.


Norwegian seed vaults tapped for the first time amidst crisis in Syria

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, home to over 860,000 seed varieties from around the world. Syrian scientist request backup seed to restore their collection and promote food security despite regional instability. 

National Geographic


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