April 25, 2016

What We’re Reading: Foundations team up to help tackle the SDGs

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Stories we loved the week of April 18th:


Two coalitions of prominent philanthropic organizations have formed to encourage the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. The new trend for SDG-engagement is rooted in fresh thinking from both foundations and international institutions and governments.

Here’s how farmers can fight climate change without hurting their bottom line — Conservation Mag

More than half of methane and nitrous oxide emissions are attributable to agriculture. The good news, however, is that there are many opportunities for farmers to mitigate their emissions at very low or no cost, according to a recent global analysis.

Agricultural and rural development reconsidered — IFAD

This report details the shifts in thinking, debate and approaches on agricultural development over recent decades with the main focus in Africa. By exploring today’s critical issues in agricultural and rural development policy, this report discusses the important role that smallholder family farmers can play in national priorities in a post-2015 world.

The photo featured above is by EcoAgriculture, from the EcoAgriculture Photo Collection on Flickr.

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