February 5, 2016

What We’re Reading: Food Movement, Bear Necessities, and Fungus Among Us

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Food Waste is an ecological disaster in more ways than one

Not only does it cost us the land, water, and all the fossil fuels used in modern agriculture, it confuses wildlife and threatens biodiversity.


Is there a food movement, or isn’t there?

Washington Post food writer Tamar Haspel says the “Food Movement” is much smaller than is often claimed. Anna Lappé and Chellie Pingree respond. Answer seems to be: depends who, and how, you ask.

Washington Post  – Haspel | Lappé and Pingree

Fungus may wipe out world’s bananas. Can we save them?

We need to completely redesign the production system at the base of the global banana market. Sounds hard, but we may have no choice.

The Conversation

Shrinking wetlands mean shrinking incomes in Southeast Asia

Urban expansion, poorly designed irrigation and infrastructure projects, and climate change are all to blame, at least in Laos. A paucity of social research on wetlands makes quantification of the problem difficult.



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