April 8, 2016

What We’re Reading: Exploring the Red Planet to save our blue one

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Stories we loved the week of April 3rd:


How exploring Mars could help us fight climate change on Earth – The Conversation

Working out what happened to all that CO2 on Mars could help us deal with the increasing amount of the gas in our own atmosphere, which is pushing us towards dangerous climate change.

Ugandan develops cooking fuel to save trees – SciDevNet

Returning home after studying for a master’s degree in development studies, Ugandan woman Betty Ikalany was dismayed that there were no clean and deforestation-free cooking fuel sources in her community. Her social enterprise now employs 70 local people making briquettes from local agricultural waste.

Scientists Study the Skies to Create a Map of the World’s Biomes – Yale 360

Curious where certain species live? Don’t look down. Rather, study the skies, according to new research published in the journal PLoS Biology. 

The photo featured above is by Adam Wilson, from Yale Environment 360.

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