August 20, 2016

What We’re Reading: Evaluating Corporate Commitments on Deforestation

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Stories we loved the week of August 14, 2016:

Parsing Private Sector Deforestation Commitments – Ecosystem Marketplace

“Major companies around the world are racing to purge deforestation from their supply chains, but they’re doing so with different levels of enthusiasm and sincerity, while operating in different environments and employing different strategies. The result is wide disagreement on what constitutes success and how best to achieve it.”

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Challenge – The World Bank

Given that agriculture and land use change are responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, world population and demand for food continue to grow, and climate change will have significant impacts on the agricultural sector, further investment in bringing climate-smart agriculture to scale is needed. This integrated approach seeks to help farmers become more resilient in the face of climate threats and increase their yields while reducing their emissions. The World Bank and other funders are supporting initiatives worldwide to advance climate-smart agriculture with governments, farmers, scientists, and other partners.

Organic Agriculture Possibilities, Costs and Benefits– The Guardian

John Reganold, Regents Professor of Soil Science & Agroecology at the Washington State University, argues that organic agriculture should play a more significant role in ensuring food security for a growing global population. Although it is only practiced on 1% of agricultural land worldwide today, when Reganold and colleagues reviewed the literature on the future prospects of organic and conventional farming, they concluded that advancing organic agriculture at a larger scale could support productive, profitable, environmentally friendly, and socially just agriculture.

Featured image: “Lacandon jungle burned for agriculture in Chiapas, Mexico” by Eric Jami Dwyer, on Flickr.

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